Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Country

The artists showing work in "Another Country" (part of the Out of TimeSpace exhibition) will be having a talk starting at 5pm on Friday, November 9th, in the classroom attached to the Worth Ryder Gallery. Allan deSouza, artist and associate professor of New Genres at SFAI will be moderating the talk. He will be asking the artists and myself questions about the theme of "Another Country", why the artists participated, and more specific questions regarding the ideas in their respective works.

This talk will be quite casual and we encourage participation from those who attend - we are open to questions and comments. Also, it would be great to start a dialogue on this blog as well. Any thoughts about the exhibition itself, or more about specific works are much appreciated!

Laura Swanson

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. said...

I really appreciated the work of the artists whose method in articulating the theme "Another Country" was/is diverse. (FYI for other people the exhibit of this collaborative project that also includes works by artists who submitted for the Out of TimeSpace Symposium will be up at the Worth Ryder Gallery for exhibition until Nov. 16).

It would be fascinating if the artists could share what inspired the method in which the answered the call? Also, what inspired the particular lens? Some focused on homes, others images, or even the physical remaking of flags.

Laura, I would like to learn more about what inspired you to do this calling that started with the Diversity Project. Why "Another Country"?
-Annie Fukushima-